Hope Wellness

Hope Wellness is a community initiative that enables individuals to actively seek a higher quality of life through focusing on the relationship between emotional, physical and spiritual health.

We are all different with unique life experiences. Come as you are and grow along with a diverse and encouraging community.

Attained by pursuing:
Emotional Health - Increasing our ability to handle the challenges of daily life, build meaningful relationships, and positively affect and empower our communities.

Physical Health - Learning about and practicing the foundations of good nutrition, exercise and rest that enable us to achieve optimal performance.

Spiritual Health - God created us as multifaceted beings that crave an integration between realizing God’s purpose for our life and understanding his commands for our spiritual depth and growth.

Social Justice - Hope Wellness seeks to provide each individual with access to educational resources and strategies that create a personally balanced and fulfilling life while advancing the overall health of our community.

Noreen Stewart; hopewellness@hopechurchnyc.org

Got Hope?
 The Hope Wellness initiative is for our community to grow stronger and healthier each day. We will consciously work towards improving our overall well being by focusing on aspects of emotional, physical and spiritual health.


Please stay tuned... 



30-Day Wellness Challenge
As the “Intro to Stress Reduction” Workshop series comes to a close, continue your journey of personal growth by choosing an attainable goal towards personal improvement.

Intro to Stress Reduction Series
“Hope Wellness” officially launched with a 3-part introductory workshop focused on learning basic techniques of stress reduction that can help to improve our daily lives (including: sleep, productivity and daily coping strategies).

• Part 1- “Back to Basics”: An introduction to stress and how it impacts our daily lives; we will learn and practice a variety of relaxation techniques (ex. Deep Breathing & Progressive Relaxation)
• Part 2  - “Breathe, Stretch, Let it Go”: Building off of the information in Part 1 we will add light muscle stretching to increase the tension release
• Part 3 - “Stress TKO”: Amplified stress reduction based on the combination of a fun mini workout + tension release stretching + progressive relaxation

40-Day Breakthrough Fast

Join the Hope Wellness community as we fast and pray for dynamic changes in our lives.
Fasting is a spiritual discipline that involves making a sacrifice that requires us to humble ourselves and put the desire to hear God’s voice above our own preferences and comfort.

Go to 40-Day Breakthrough Fast to read and join the blog as we share, support each other and corporately believe for God to impact our lives.

Group Workouts in the Park

All fitness levels are welcome!

These are fun workouts that incorporate tension release stretching and progressive relaxation.
We encourage everyone to bring comfortable/loose fitting workout clothing, sneakers and water

Hope Wellness Coffeehouse: "Unmasked"

Come experience a unique opportunity for artistic expression and a community of support. We all wear masks in our daily lives; what happens when we take them off in a safe space… even for a moment? Join Hope Church NYC in sitting back, relaxing and hearing the authentic and unfiltered voice of our community

1) Anonymous Submission
a. Slips of paper will be available at Hope Astoria to be filled out and submitted in a box anonymously.
b. Click here to anonymously submit a online.

2) Provide a brief sentence that answers the following question:
a. Question: If you could reveal something that you have rarely or never shared, what would it be?
b. Answer: Share your hopes, fears, dreams, shame, praise reports and prayer requests without fear of judgment.

3) Attend the Coffeehouse to see our community portrayed by a facilitator and local artists. All submissions will remain confidential while presented.